How to Build Secure, Resilient & Scalable Linux systems

Over the past fifteen years, here at Tiger Computing we've developed the RISE methodology to help our clients with Linux systems that are Secure, Resilient and Scalable.

A key component of RISE is Support: keeping systems secure and available on a day to day basis.

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I've spent the past fifteen years building the best Linux infrastructure team in the UK. We've put together this report to help you get the most from your IT investment.
- Keith Edmunds, MD

Your Report Includes

System Monitoring

You need to know things are starting to go wrong - and fix them - before they impact your business. Before you experience downtime. Before you lose data.

Data Security

The most valuable asset many businesses have is their Intellectual Property. As well as looking after your IP, you also have a legal obligation to protect personal data. Looking after your data is not an optional extra.

Infrastructure Design

Your design must make the best use of the technology available. Your infrastructure must also be secure, resilient to failures, scalable and cost-effective.

Day to Day Operations

The efficient day to day operation of your Linux infrastructure needs dedicated, qualified technical staff that follow documented, tested processes which results in secure and available systems.

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