How to Build Secure, Resilient & Scalable Linux systems

Over the past fifteen years, here at Tiger Computing we've developed the RISE methodology to help our clients with Linux systems that are Secure, Resilient and Scalable.

See how your Linux infrastructure measures up.

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I've spent the past fifteen years building the best Linux infrastructure team in the UK. We've put together this report to help you get the most from your IT investment.
- Keith Edmunds, MD

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Every IT project should start with an agreed set of requirements. They list what should be achieved, not how - and make it easy to measure the project's success later.


A resilient system is one which can tolerate failure and still provide services. It's the difference between your business carrying on as normal or being disrupted by a hardware failure.


Scalable systems are able to respond efficiently to changes in their environment, such as an unusual spike in demand or the provision of a new user.


Data security is essential to protect your business and your Intellectual Property. Good security includes managing access to data as well as ensuring it is backed up securely.


IT never stands still. Disks fill up, users come and go, services fail and requirements change. Effective IT Operations take care of all of this and more without service interruption.

Find out how well your Linux infrastructure measures up!

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